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Physician Well-Being,

& Resilience

Coaching - 1:1 and groups - Reclaiming Your Joy and Wholeness.

Physician and health care provider well-being is receiving increasing recognition as crucial to clinician resilience, to patient safety, patient satisfaction, and cost-effective coping with the complex, changing demands of medicine. 


As you look at your life now, at your job, your family, your personal, recreational, social, spiritual priorities, are you on track?  Is your time and energy devoted to the people, activities, and things that you value most?  Are you where you want to be, doing what you want most to do?  On your personal and professional journey, are you energized and heading in the right direction?


I invite clinicians to take an inventory, a self-assessment of your own personal spiritual, and career path; and then facilitate you to take action in alignment with your core values, vision, and strengths, your “true north”.  In this context, your “true north” represents the sum and balance of your individual choices, values, strengths, and calling, aligned with your sense of meaning and purpose.   You thrive and flourish when you live in alignment with your “true north”.


Through your training, and in today’s medical climate, some clinicians lose sight of their own personal values and calling.  Finding your individualized “true north” involves exploring what you care most about, what you are good at, and what life balance is for you. 


How do you align your choices, your career/calling, your soul and roles, and your life balance with your “true north”?   The pathway and life balance that leads to personal and professional well-being is dynamic and different for each person.  I find that it is crucial to listen deeply and seek to understand your inner story, to ask questions, to allow silence, and to be present, as we together seek answers that may be deeply personal and spiritual in nature.  I meet personally for an initial comprehensive consultation and discovery process, followed by in-person or telephone conversation weekly to provide a safe place to share, to question, to welcome feelings and fears, and seek meaning and purpose in what you are experiencing. This path of self discovery, leads to clarity, and aligned action in pursuit of your wholehearted dreams, goals and vision.


Skills training

Training empathy and compassionate communication.

Improve patient satisfaction and outcomes

Relationship Centered Care (RCC), not physician or patient centered care)

Grounding and centering


Cultivate Resilience

Self-compassion and empathy



Self-care vs. productivity


Locus of control


The Healers Art


Grief and loss.

Reclaiming mystery and awe


Radical acceptance

Calling and service


Narrative, what is your personal story, personal myth?  Does it need modification?

Personal and career transitions


Peer support - Where do you find support?

Balint Groups

Meaning and Medicine groups (Naomi Remen)

Physicians Insurance - Peer support program

Your local clinic or hospital


The Wounded Healer

Personal and professional stressors and losses

Adverse event


Loss of autonomy

Recovery from burnout


Work addiction

Emotional numbing


Powerful questions and reflections

What gives your life meaning?

What does it mean to be a healer? A physician?

Where is your peer support?

How do your relate to family and friends?

How do you cope with change?




Care of soul.

What do you love?

What refreshes you?

Are you doing, and being who and with what you love?

How would you get there?


Work/Life Balance, assess your “wheel of life”

Aligning your Soul and Role

Finding and minding your calling

Remembering your purpose

Are you living the life that is uniquely yours?


Spirituality - assessing your web of relationships

Grounded Presence

Spiritual Pain Assessment- Hope, Meaning, Purpose, Forgiveness, and Relationships

Higher power?

What is sacred to you?


Positive psychology, evidence based interventions

Authentic Happiness and Flourishing.


Living from your strengths

Core Values Inventory

Creativity and imagination.

Play and spontaneity

Vulnerability and receiving

Essence and Flow


Self discovery





Sacred dance, movement,

Marshal Arts and Tai Chi.


How do you experience your own grief about the suffering, and loss of your patients?  How do you relate to the disappointments, setbacks, losses, and struggles in your personal/professional life?


Are you still filled with awe and wonder at the mystery of life?


What is your relationship to your vulnerability and humanness?



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