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End of Life concerns 


There may be a need to make amends, or overcome years of avoidance, that becomes urgent.  Suddenly, an awareness that your time is limited and precious, may demand major changes in your life priorities.  Are you beginning to focus on how you want to live, and how you want to die, not knowing how to communicate these decisions or translate them into action?  During such times, it may be difficult to talk with loved ones and friends about these deeply personal topics.


Many families (our whole culture is death denying) fear to mention the looming fact of death and try only to reassure and deny what is really happening.  How can we realize that the passage of death is as fundamental and natural as birth?  How can you be allowed a natural, graceful death in your own way, when it is time? During your last days and weeks, can you be spared repeated trips to the emergency room, hospital, ICU, CPR, IVs and drugs, tube feeding, respirators, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, when they no longer meet your own goals and preference? How do you prolong your enjoyment of life, perhaps live at home, travel, or complete an important "bucket list" experience?  Do you want to maintain comfort and joy during your final days, weeks, months and not prolong your dying in a medical environment, if possible?


You may be choosing how you want to spend your last days, weeks, or months when the end of life is near.   How do you think about it?  How is your life perceived differently, knowing that death is more immediate?  Sometimes, people approaching death have visions and spiritual encounters that may seem mysterious, and yet deeply meaningful and comforting.  Who, and how can your loved ones help you through this passage? 



End of Life concerns - Consulting and evaluation of your needs, values, goals, hopes, dreams, relationships, and areas of distress.  Coaching you in awareness and action in alignment with your needs and values.

Companioning and supporting your presence, choices, and wholeness.


Hospice and Palliative care 




Spiritual pain assessment


Sacred questions

  • Spiritual Geography

  • Dream work

  • Meaning and purpose

  • What is most important?

  • Writing a “vidui”

  • Guided imagery

  • Relationship to the natural world

  • Unfinished business

  • Legacy, leaving your gift

  • Where did you come from, where are you going?

  • Claiming what is most nourishing

  • What do you need to let go of?

  • Difficult conversations

  • The illness experience is an underworld journey


Death – The ultimate transition.  Where will you be after you die?  Will you exist in some way, have a spiritual body,  or utterly disappear, nothing but flesh for worms?  Will your consciousness disappear like a drop in the ocean? Or will that drop maintain conscious awareness of its own individuality?  After death will there be awareness of those still living? Awareness of whatever it is we call God, or Heaven?  What about rebirth, reincarnation?  How do you want to live and what do you want to do in light of your beliefs and convictions? 

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