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Personal & Spiritual Growth

Reclaiming the Sacred


What do you consider most important in your life?  What is sacred to you?  Something is sacred if it is set apart, highly valued, holy, or worthy of reverence and respect.  It may, or may not arise from a religious perspective.  But it is always an aspect of your spirituality.  


Is there some aspect of your life that holds special meaning to you?  Family? Profession, Pet? Nature? Religious practice? HIgher power? Specific person? Relationship? Place? Activity?  How do you discover or discern your own sense of the sacred?  Does the sacred affect how you live, love, work, or play?  


Whatever the sacred is for you, it possesses a special meaning and value.  If you live in relationship to the sacred, mindfully, then each action of your life is endowed with deeper meaning and integrity; which is energizing and leads to wholeheartedness, happiness and fulfillment.

Coaching Services and Practices


Spiritual companioning


Anamcara, - the Celtic word and tradition of “soul friend”, spiritual midwife for your individual life passages.


Dream work



Contemplative Prayer

Centering prayer

Affirmative prayer


Loving kindness meditation



Grace and Gratitude


Enneagram – a comprehensive system of sacred psychology that uses an awareness of personality types or structures to help us become conscious of our automatic motivations, behavior, and reactivity to aid in relaxing these repetitive patterns and allow for conscious choice and awareness of essence.


Examen – Ignation practice -  Review each day, “What was life giving, joyful today, what was life depleting or draining?”


Spiritual experiences, encounters.

Near-death experiences

Spiritual crises, doubt, and fear


Individuation – Carl Jung

Shadow work

Sacred masculine and feminine

Second half of life



Path of transformation

Inventory – mindful awareness. Pay attention to your mind, your body, and your spirit.

Core values

Signature strengths

Wheel of Life 

Living in process

Soul expression


Drawing or painting


Soul Collage

Sabbath.  Come apart to a sacred place of forgiveness and loving, nurturing, safety.


Silence, quiet time







Practicing presence


Existential Inquiry



Breathe work

Grounding and centering

Chakra Centering

Tai chi

Sacred dance/movement

Toning and chanting


Spiritual Obstacles and Resources
Guilt and shame
What do I need to let go of?
What am I avoiding?
Process addiction
The problem of evil
Spiritual roots, ancestors, and lineage
Cycle of birth, growth, death, and rebirth
Die before you die
Pain and Suffering
Clinging, Attachment, and Avoidance, Aversion


Relationship to the natural world


Relationship to the divine - Consider that you are a unique expression of the divine, the creative force that sustains and brings everything into being. Practice receiving the love of God just as you are. Allow gratitude to well up in you. You are a unique, divine expression of God. How will you practice remembering, reconnecting, grounding, giving thanks, and expressing the divine fully in your life?


Evolution of Consciousness - levels of awareness

Spiral Dynamics, Ken Wilber

Quantum Theology, McDiarmuid


Mysticism - Non-dualism, unitive consciousness

Paradox and the tension of opposites.




Connecting with essence



Being, Here, Now

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