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                           Physician/Clinician Well-Being


Thriving in today’s changing health care environment has never been more challenging.  


Are you experiencing fatigue, cumulative stress, loss of professional satisfaction and joy, or burnout? Do you find yourself thinking "I didn't sign up for this when I went to medical/nursing school."


Many doctors, nurses, and other members of the health care team are adapting to continuous change.

Is the loss of autonomy and administrative burden robbing you of the joy in practicing medicine? 


Is your practice struggling to survive the ever increasing regulations, productivity demands, system consolidation, data analytics, and the alphabet soup of ACA, ACOs, ICD-10 codes, procedure codes, and the ever changing, increasing complexity of the bureaucratic requirements for cost containment, "meaningful use" and protocol driven care?


Physicians find themselves enmeshed in huge, complicated health care delivery systems, with growing demands for documentation, adaptation to business driven, for-profit layers of institutional control.  


The computer is now an omnipresent 3rd party in the exam room, intruding into the physician-patient relationship. The ever escalating EHR complexity, templates, requirements, and difficulties with interoperability create new sources of confusion and liability risk.  


Insurance companys' myriad networks, products, and limited networks for referral and pharmacy options create frustration, confusion, uncertainty, and risk of errors at multiple levels of care.  These issues are in addition to the intrinsic challenges of patient care, exploding medical information, and professional liability risks.


How do you maintain your own well-being, life balance, and joy in your professional calling in the midst of this chaotic system?











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