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Coaching-Client Process

I use coaching skills to create an empowering partnership with each client:


  • Confidential

  • Provides and reinforces safety

  • Facilitates clarity and self discovery

  • Generates possibility

  • Fosters effective action

  • Embraces process

  • Holds accountability

  • Celebrates success


Together, we create a sacred space, a nonjudgmental place of safety to explore the full dimensions of your mind – body – spirit. Multifaceted, together we will explore your essence, and investigate the gold of your Real Self (who you are beneath your roles, masks, personality), and rediscover your God-given gifts.  I will use a wide variety of coaching and healing tools and my experience and awareness, somatic, personal, spiritual, psychological, and medical.  


I invite you into mindful awareness of who you are, in the present moment, and what is the meaning of your life, your experiences, your successes and setbacks. What is your purpose for living, what is calling you and what gets in the way?  I invite you to take an inventory, to begin discovery of your own personal story, your habits, reactions, and behavior patterns, who you are as a person, and all that contributes to your wholeness and balance.  I will invite, encourage, and hold you resilient as you create and act on your intentions for a more fulfilling life and career.


I find that it is crucial to listen deeply and seek to understand your inner story, to ask questions, to allow silence, and to be present, as we together seek answers that may be deeply personal and spiritual in nature.  I meet personally for an initial comprehensive consultation and discovery process, followed by in-person or telephone conversation weekly to provide a safe place to share, to question, to welcome feelings and fears, and seek meaning and purpose in what you are experiencing. 
I am a student of spirit, soul, mind and body. Each of us has a soul, our deepest self, a unique individual seed or spiritual blueprint, our "acorn to the oak tree”. We will consider key life questions. We will celebrate the freedom of truth telling and coming home to your real Self. As we develop your vision, we will set goals, and facilitate wholehearted decision making and effective action in realization of your personal and professional objectives.

I am not practicing medicine or psychiatry


As a coach, I am not practicing medicine, prescribing medications, making diagnoses, or orienting toward pathology.  I will try to assist you with referrals if you should need a family doctor and/or a psychiatrist/psychologist for treatment of any illness. Together we will focus on and learn your signature strengths and your core values. I will be a coach and a spiritual companion, a mind-body-spiritual midwife to the realization of the unique richness and fullness of your life, whatever it may be.  We will find and follow your individual path with heart.  We will discover that everything belongs, that all of you is welcome.





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