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Enneagram – is a comprehensive system of sacred psychology that uses an awareness of personality types or structures to help us become conscious of our automatic motivations, behavior, and reactivity to aid in relaxing these repetitive patterns and allow for conscious choice and awareness of our essence.  This ancient wisdom tradition offers time-tested clinical insight that explains why we behave in the way that we do, by uncovering our unconscious motivations and deeply rooted influences. The enneagram is a remarkable tool for psychological and spiritual growth.  




























  • Typing interview.

  • Three centers of intelligence, head, heart, gut awareness.

  • Compassionate Self-awareness of repetitive behavior patterns that each individual experiences.

  • Compassionate awareness and conflict resolution with others’ point of view.

  • Broaden your repertoire of skillful behaviors – interpersonal, occupational, and social problem- solving strategies. 

  • Make contact with your essential spiritual self beneath your reactive patterns.


MBSR, (mindfulness based stress reduction) and other meditation techniques


Wheel of Life – Inventory the time, attention, and energy that you devote to each part of your life.  Are you living in accord with your core values?


Existential Inquiry - Who are you? Why are you here? For what purpose were you created? What have you done with your life and what remains undone? Whom do you love? How do you love?  Where did you come from?   Where are you going?  Are you alone in the universe or is there a higher power?  How do you know what is true?


Spirituality – Web of Life - Relatedness inventory: What is your relationship to eternity, to totality, the infinite? What is your relationship to nature? Your consciousness, and how you entered into the DNA body that you occupy in this life? Your personal story?  Your body?  Your emotions? Your loved ones?  Your neighbor?  Your community?  The earth?  The stranger or foreigner?


Appreciative Inquiry - I ask questions about a time when you felt most joy, competence, sense of self-efficacy, hope, positive energy, and accomplishment.  I invite you to remember the details of that experience, to enter in, and relive the feelings, thoughts, and actions of that event. This creates highly beneficial neuroendocrine responses and sense of reward within your brain and body that is an excellent means of shifting mindset and motivating change.



VIA Strengths Inventory


Core Values


Voice Dialogue


Dream work


Guided Imagery


Vidui - Write a personal reflection addressed to your family and loved ones to be read after your death. Share with your children, spouse, and close friends how you lived, why you made the decisions that you did. What were your values, what did you care most about?  What were your struggles and your blessings?  What do you want them to know and remember about you?


Story catching - What is your narrative, your story? Do you have a personal myth?  Does it need revision?  Where are you on your hero's journey as Joseph Campbell described?


Practicing presence


Grounding and Centering

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