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About Me

Reclaiming Your
Joy & Wholeness

Seeking wholeness has been my lifelong passion, I am convinced that reconnecting with our soul, spirit, mind, and body is the path to joy and healing.  Reconnecting and living mindfully aware of our web of relationships includes our own body, emotions, personal story, our meaning, and purpose, our loved ones and community, the natural world, and the spiritual dimension of our life.


I believe that joy, happiness, and fulfillment emerge when we become and express our whole selves, our unique , real, deepest  and highest possibilities.  I am convinced that “everything belongs” the dark, as well as the light. We are utterly singular in creation and also part of the whole. Each of us is a part of the multiversity of expression of the divine, the creative energy of life, of Being.


As an experienced physician, 18 years as a family physician, and 15 years as a psychiatrist, clinician, psychotherapist, professor at UWMC teaching and supervising medical students and psychiatric residents, I have pursued my passion as a healer of mind-body, and spirit.  I have been privileged to witness and support many remarkable transformative healings, recoveries, and transitions among my patients, including death with dignity.   I am convinced that healing occurs when an integrative approach is used that includes mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual attunement and alignment.  

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